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As a graphic artist with a passion for Street Art, I am excited to get my design work out to the world through this sticker project, and follow how far my artwork can go.

To get free stickers, just like the Viytale Facebook Page here, then follow the instructions below to receive a free sticker pack.

(For international orders, please include a minimum donation of $1 USD to account for the higher cost of international shipping)


MCA sticker, by Sean Frangella

In Memory - MCA Stickers

When Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away recently, my younger brother Brett told me how listening to the Beastie Boys was one of the first things we shared together while growing up. It reminded me just how much their work and music influenced so many people for such a long time. Adam Yauch contributed so much creativity and positivity to the world, and will be greatly missed.

I made this design and sticker to give away in his memory, and for my brother Brett.

Currently out of stock.

I appreciate the interest in my artwork, and ran out pretty quickly.

For anyone who didn't get the printed stickers, I've uploaded the scalable, printable file that was used for the sticker. With this you can print it as a sticker, poster, set it as a desktop, or put it where ever you want to keep MCA's memory living on.

The file can be downloaded here.


Graffiti sticker, by Sean Frangella

Red and Black 4" Graffiti Stickers

Currently out of stock.
More coming soon.

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I fund projects such as this completely on my own, simply because of a passion for art and spreading it throughout the world. Donations of any amount are appreciated and help me recover printing costs, and produce more stickers.

*Seriously, even 50 cents or a dollar is extremely helpful, and only takes a few seconds, give it a try and help out!